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​All About Home Health

All About Home Health

We provide support services to help cancer patients manage their disease and receive necessary care in the comfort of their own home. 

Since cancer incidence increases exponentially with advancing age, it is expected that there will be a surge in older cancer patients that will challenge both healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals.

Indicators for Cancer Care Intervention:

  • History of pain, weight loss, dehydration and weakness
  • Physical limitations, muscle decline,, difficulty with ADLs
  • Recent hospitalization or post-op care (i.e. mastectomy, laryngectomy, ostomy)
  • Radiation or chemotherapy treatment with picc, port or central line delivery
  • Difficulty speaking and swallowing caused by surgery or treatment side effects

Your AAHH Home Health Care Team Will . . . 

  • Teach pain management, assess nutrition, promote weight gain and manage IV hydration
  • Help with muscle strength and flexibility, range of motion and energy conservation
  • Teach management of incisions, ostomies and wounds
  • Instruct  on management of "access device" and periodic flushing
  • Provide Speech Therapy to overcome speech or swallowing deficiencies
  • Educate patient/family/caregivers on disease care, immune system, side effects of chemo/radiation (e. g. mouth sores, skin burn sites, loss of appetite, hair loss)


Cancer Care

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