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AAHH ensures our patients understand their disease to promote safety & proper management at home.

One out of every five people over 60 has diabetes and over 40% of newly diagnosed diabetics are over age 65

Associated Complications of Diabetes

  • Hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia
  • Altered physical activity
  • Ophthalmic manifestations
  • Circulatory manifestations
  • Neurological manifestations
  • Cardiovascular complications
  • Renal manifestations
  • Wounds

Newly Diagnosed Diabetics

  • Our skilled clinicians provide teaching on the following: 
  • Disease processes, management, and prevention of complications
  • Proper techniques to obtain glucose levels and administer insulin
  • Proper nutrition, diet, and exercise to manage diabetes

Ongoing Diabetes Management

  • Educate on self management
  • Monitor blood glucose levels
  • Administer insulin
  • Perform venipunctures to monitor lab values
  • Perform wound evaluation & care
  • Monitor medication regimen
  • Communicate with physicians

Diabetes Management

Home Health Care Services

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