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AAHH is a local, community- centered home health care company that puts you first. Our highly trained professional clinicians will ensure your safety, comfort, and well-being as they help you to progress in your health, wellness, and fitness goals. 

We are unique, in that we offer a wide variety of specialty programs to meet your individual needs, developed in house, and tailored specifically for you. We understand that one-size care does NOT fit all and will provide you with the specific tools and support in your time of need. 

What happens after you've achieved your goals through AAHH care? 

When your home health goals have been met, and you are no longer homebound, we can refer you to our sister company, PT Plus, to continue with outpatient therapy and care. 

It's our goal to see you feeling and living your best and we value maintaining long-term relationships with our patients to ensure their success.  

Our goal for you is to achieve your highest outcomes and regain mobility in the comfort 
of your own home. We base these goals on your level of care and returning to your original condition if possible, or better. 

Keeping your independence in your own home is our priority. We will work with you to 
ensure your recovery and continued progress. We're with you every step of the way.

Is it a taxing effort to leave your home?

Do you feel limited in the activities you can take part in outside of your own home? While preparing to leave, do you feel short of breath? Is it difficult to leave your home, due to restrictions, physical limitations, or use of medical equipment? If so, you may be qualified for home health services. 

Being homebound does not mean that you may not ever leave your home. You may be able to go grocery shopping, 
drive short distances, attend religious services, or attend doctor's appointments, hair appointments, or other community activities. These are only limited in frequency.

Homebound care provides you with the tools to reach your goals, that you personally have set along with the help of a trained clinician, so you can get back to enjoying your independent lifestyle.

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From our home to yours, we're with you every step of the way . . .

Home Health Care Services

for the Central Virginia Area

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