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All About Home Health

All About Home Health

Occupational therapy helps people who, through injury or illness, have lost some of their ability to perform important life functions like eating, bathing and dressing, as well as  ordinary activities like cooking, doing laundry or other tasks. We perform a complete evaluation of the impact the patient's surgery or illness has had on their activities both at home, as well as consider a patient's hobbies and recreational activities. Then an individualized treatment plan

Home Health Care Services

for the Central Virginia Area

is recommended, and assistive devices are prescribed to improve the quality of the patient's daily living activities.

Occupational Therapy enables patients to maximize their skills and abilities that they may perform self-care skills to the fullest.

Indicators for OT Intervention:

  • Decreased strength and range of motion of the upper body
  • Inability to effectively use hands due to arthritis, paralysis, or tremors
  • Change in vision affecting one's ability to safely perform self care
  • Deconditioning, decreased endurance, or shortness of breath
  • Short term memory loss and other cognitive deficits
  • Operating in an unsafe home, promoting hazardous situations
  • Less participation in leisure activities due to a functional limitation

Occupational Therapists Will . . .

  • Utilize techniques to help patient regain function & independence
  • Train in use of adaptive equipment to safely enable improved function pertaining to self care
  • Teach compensatory & adaptive strategies for patients with low vision
  • Utilize energy conservation techniques for patients with CHF or COPD
  • Educate in techniques or adaptations to increase participation in leisure activities to improve patient lifestyle
  • Instruct patient & caregiver on alternate techniques for information retrieval
  • Recommend environmental adaptations for a safe home. 

Occupational Therapy