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All About Home Health

All About Home Health

Home Health Care Services

for the Central Virginia Area

Patient & Family Education

When you or your loved one has

on-going medical needs that cannot

easily or effectively be provided by

friends or family, home health care

may be the answer. Home health care

is one of the most underutilized

Medicare benefits, because many

aren't aware of its value.

Home health care refers to a wide

range of services and supportive care provided at home by trained and licensed professionals under the continuing supervision of your doctor. It is usually less expensive and more convenient than being in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Most people feel they recover faster and more comfortably at home.

Home health care can be short term, helping you to regain self-sufficiency after an illness, injury or operation. In cases where longer term home health care is required, the goal is to help you maintain the highest level of health and live independently as long as possible.

Prior hospitalization is not a requirement for home health care services. However, your doctor does need to refer you and develop a plan for your care.


Home Health Care Services

for the Central Virginia Area